Simple Guide to Begin in Cryptocurrency

Simple Guide to Begin in Cryptocurrency

Simple Guide to Begin in Cryptocurrency

How to Crypto

This guide is meant to show you the easiest ways to get started investing in cryptocurrency today.

Cryptocurrency Basics

Cryptocurrency is digital currency. Its growing in popularity. You've heard of Bitcoin but there are many others including Ethereum and EARN.

Bitcoin & Ethereum

If you are brand new to cryptocurrency, you should begin with the most famous crypto Bitcoin and the most utilized crypto Ethereum. These are the gateway cryptos.

Buy Crypto: DCA into Crypto

Easiest way to buy is to Dollar Cost Average (DCA) into Bitcoin/Ethereum. Purchase a small amount such as $10-$100+ on a weekly/monthly basis. Automatically accumulate while you learn more, start today you will thank yourself later.

Buy Crypto on Coinbase
Buy Crypto
Dollar Cost Average
Bitcoin, Ethereum, and more.

Free $10 Bitcoin after first purchase of $100+.
Visit Coinbase
Buy Crypto on SwanBitcoin
Dollar Cost Average

Free $10 Bitcoin after setting up a Swan Bitcoin Savings plan.
Visit SwanBitcoin

Buy Crypto: One Time Purchase

Make one time purchases of Bitcoin and Ethereum. Crypto is volatile so its best to buy small amounts such as $10-$100 per purchase to test the waters. These are trusted US exchanges to buy cryptocurrency, each may offer different cryptos for sale in addition to Bitcoin/Ethereum.

Each site may take 1-14 days to approve your account before allowing you to buy cryptocurrency, so you may need to join more than one.

Buy Crypto on Gemini
Buy Crypto
Bitcoin, Ethereum, and more.

Free $10 Bitcoin after first purchase of $100+.
Visit Gemini
Buy Crypto on WeBulld
Buy Crypto
Bitcoin, Ethereum, and more.

Free 4 stocks sellable for Bitcoin after first deposit of $100+.
Visit WeBull
Buy Crypto on Robinhood
Buy Crypto
Dollar Cost Average
Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, and more.

Free $5 stock sellable for crypto.
Visit Robinhood
Buy Crypto on Binance (US)
Buy Crypto
Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, and more.
Visit Binance (US)

Free Crypto: Shopping Plugin

Want Bitcoin cashback? Use shopping plugins which will give a small amount of cashback for online purchases.

Browser Plugin

Free $10 Bitcoin after your first online purchase of $15+.
Visit Lolli

Free Crypto: Crypto Debit Card Rewards

Switch to a Crypto Debit Card. Spend your $USD and receive cashback rewards as cryptocurrency on every purchase.

Fold App Card
Free $5 Bitcoin for joining.
Up to 3% Cashback in Bitcoin per Purchase

Visit Fold App
Up to 5% Cashback in Crypto per Purchase

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Free Crypto: Learn Crypto & Earn Crypto

Earn Free Crypto by joinning EARN.WIN. Get paid BTC/ETH/EARN to complete crypto tutorials and for completing small jobs.

LIMITED TIME: New users receive free $EARN Token cryptocurrency!

Educational Tutorials
Earn Crypto for Simple Tasks
Frenly Community

Free Crypto: Online Games

You can receive very small amounts of crypto from these games, we dont recommend depositing anything into them, just play for free.

RollerCoin Bitcoin Game
Play mini games to earn cryptocurrency.
Visit RollerCoin
Roll hourly to win very small amounts of bitcoin.
Visit FreeBitcoin

$77+ in Sign Up Bonuses Available

Take advantage of every sign up bonus provided by crypto companys, available only to new users.

Earn $77 in CRYPTO

🚀 Whats Next?

Congratulations! By doing any of the above you are now stacking crypto regularly. You are now in the 1% of the world who has begun their journey into cryptocurrency. While most ignore it, you are embracing the future.

Continue Learning

Expand your knowledge, continue learning about cryptocurrency.