Earn Interest on Bitcoin June 2024 = $66,540

Earn Interest on Bitcoin June 2024 = $66,540

Earn Interest on Bitcoin = $66,540

Looking to earn interest on bitcoin? This is the complete list of bitcoin interest rates from the highest paying bitcoin interest accounts.
Some wallets have different rates if the deposit is flexible (you are able to withdraw anytime) vs deposit is time locked (30 day, 90 day wait period to withdraw).

Best Bitcoin Interest Rates
These reputable wallets pay you interest on your bitcoin.

2% - 8.5%

Flex: 2%
1 Month: 4.5%
3 Month:6.5%
*+2% if you have crypto.com debit card.

Earn 4.5% with Crypto.com

*Free $25 Bitcoin after staking for a crypto debit card with referral/promo code 8f2i1gck1j

2. Blockfi


Earn 4.5% with Blockfi

*Free $10 in Bitcoin after depositing $100 worth of Crypto, paid on the 1st of the next month.

Earn 4% with Celsius Network

*Free $20 Bitcoin after depositing $200 worth of Crypto with referral/promo code 143389f3f1

4. Gemini


Earn 2% with Gemini

*Free $10 Bitcoin after buying $100+ worth of cryptocurrency.

Earn 5% with Cake Defi

*Free $30 Crypto after depositing $50 worth of Crypto with referral code 610010

How to Earn Interest on Bitcoin

Most traditional banks pay less than 1% interest per year. If you take into account yearly inflation, the money is actually losing value sitting in traditional bank accounts.

Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencys have developed more efficient lending markets which allows them to pay more in interest than a traditional bank because they have less overhead such as no business locations and a lot less staff which means higher interest rates for you.

Step 1: Create a crypto account